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We Are A Brand Built On Three Aspects - Trust, Safety & Quality

Protein Water Co is owned by the established and award-winning wholesale, retail, and leisure business, Millennium Group, which is a global brand specialist and has a wealth of experience in the supply and distribution of FMCG products across multiple sectors, globally!

The Kick-Start You Require To Get You Through Your Day!

Our protein water variants are suitable for all shapes and sizes, be you a hardcore bodybuilder or an everyday gym goer, we give you a refreshing protein boost, without the guilt of excess sugar, fat, and artificial sweeteners.
Protein Water Co is also passionate about the planet and only partners with like-minded suppliers. Our VERISOL® collagen is produced with natural, nonallergenic proteins that are free from E-numbers and produced with minimal environmental impact.

Sustainably Made With Recyclable Metal Which Is Better For The Earth!

We Believe In Supporting Beauty From Within!

Protein Water Co is committed to helping everyone boost their well-being. Making you look and feel incredible is our aim and we work passionately to achieve it.
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